The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children Essay

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Child abuse has many effects on children at the time it happens and throughout their life. It all starts with the weak backbone of the legal provisions, “weak implementation of laws and policies, under-resourced and understaffed social services, and harmful practices,” as stated by the Global Information network (Vives par. 12). Some parents do not know the conceptions of punishing their child in which leads to child abuse in probable cases. It is a private matter at home when a parent punishes their child but now with these cases top countries have come up with protocols to help protect child from harm or further be harmed. Even though America is not the highest child abuse country like Africa the country is not far behind. If these cases go on unnoticed it could lead to more serious matters as example, “A 13-year-old Georgia boy hanged himself after school officials gave him a rope to keep up his pants before shutting him alone in a room.”( Vives par.4).

There are fine lines between punishment and abuse in which factors have to be brought up when a child abuse case appears in court. A lot of these cases do not hold up in court with reasons as stated by the author “the right for reasonable discipline on the part of a parent 's” (Blasko par.5). One of these factors is a great example of the fine lines that are blurred stated “Whether the form of discipline is reasonable or necessary and appropriate to the offense, unnecessarily degrading or likely to cause…

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