The Effects Of Carbon Dioxide On The Climate Change Essay

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Beginning in 1850, the earth began to see a drastic increase in the climate. The main cause of this climate change is due to the Industrial Revolution, when humans began releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide through the burning of fossil fuels. Since the start of the industrial revolution along with the continuation and increase in the release of fossil fuels, the levels of carbon dioxide have reached an all time high of unto 400 parts per million. People have caused carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to increase by one-third since the start of the Industrial Revolution. The reason this high amount of carbon dioxide is the cause of climate change is because of the greenhouse effect which is when the atmosphere holds in heat coming from Earth to space causing a global warming. These greenhouse gasses include not only carbon dioxide, but also water vapor, nitrous oxide, methane,and fluorocarbons. The excess amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere hold heat and enable it from escaping. Other human caused release of carbon dioxide, besides burning fossil fuels, occurs through deforestation, land use changes, and agriculture. In the peer-reviewed journal article “Do Americans understand that global warming is harmful to human health?,” the research shows that only 27% of people interviewed could name one or more specific type of harm due to climate change. This proves that many Americans are unaware of how harmful our human activities leading to climate change can be.…

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