Essay on The Effects Of Bullying On Children 's Adult Life

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The Effects of Bullying
All throughout the world, there are many people being bullied at this very moment. While bullying is considered as a rite of passage to some people, it is becoming more and more harmful and destructive to its many victims. Bullying (Enrichment 1) is known as “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance” (“Bullying Definition” 1). This can be seen through both boys and girls, young and old. Bullying has no age limit or quality restriction as who can be identified as a bully or as the victim. It is noted to start somewhere within the pre-school ages and middle school ages, with it occurring to get attention or to express someone’s jealousy of another, but now it has become larger than ever before, and therefore makes it more harmful than ever before. Therefore, bullying has created many side effects, many of which lead on into the victim’s or the bully’s adult life.
Long ago, bullying was referred to being a normal occurrence. People had referred to bullying as “a rite of passage” that everyone went through (“Bullying at School” 2). However, this is no longer the case. Instead, people are slowly starting to notice how bullying has become out of hand and a big problem (2). Bullying is done for many reasons, and such reasons include the bully being jealous, the presence of an imbalance of power (1), or even the bully having problems with home life causing the bully to relieve his anger (3).…

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