The Effects Of Bullying On Children Who Have Found Themselves Victims

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Surviving the Effects of Bullying

Bullying has made a negative impact on children who have found themselves victims. One of every four kid become bullied throughout their adolescence. Most students have experience with bullying, and since this subject is getting worldwide attention, this is a topic that needs to be talked about and researched.

A bully is someone who continuously picks on, intimidates and taunts smaller people. Negative environments were created because bullying affects those that are victims. Many parents, teachers and adults are not aware of how severe most matters can or may become. Bullying has become one of the biggest problems around the world.

Side Effects
Statistics shows us bullying mostly takes place at home, in schools, and sometimes in workplaces around the world. Surprisingly, many children are innocent victims of intimidation and most kids refuse to talk to someone about the situation because they fear the consequences. The physical aspects of bullying include being pushed around, taunted, and emotionally abused senselessly for no reason. Bullying can lead a person to become violent and abusive later in life as they grow into adulthood. Often, this can result in children and spouses getting abused physically and verbally. These extreme patterns can stay with a person for their entire life.
The result is often disruption of family life which can lead to divorce, separation, etc. Some individuals or children that were bullied…

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