The Effects Of Bullying On Children And Teenagers Essay

1628 Words Sep 4th, 2015 null Page
The topic of bullying may seem, at times, something that is not to be taken too seriously. The effects bullying can have on someone could stay with them their entire lifetime, or something that could end their life. Most people believe bullying is something that affects only children and teenagers. Some shrug it off as a phase or natural behavior of children growing up. But, bullying is not normal behavior. The effects of bullying can be physically, mentally, and emotionally devastating. The stress it causes in the victims of bullying can even last into their adult lives. There is definitive proof that the damages of being bullied throughout a person’s school years can carry well on into their adulthood, and sometimes, end in tragedy before the victim has a chance to reach adulthood.
The physical, mental, and emotional effects bullying has on the victims can be devastating. Just because children bully other children doesn’t mean it is innocent. Bullying has consequences and should not be shrugged off as childish games. It is also hard to admit when your child is the bully. When parents are afraid of this issue or feel as though it isn 't important, they often don 't correct their children on their behavior and the situation could escalate. By not dealing with the bullies it allows them to victimize other children with no consequences. When the victims see their bullies going unpunished from their abuse, the chances of the victims to seek help is very low. By not seeking help…

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