Essay on The Effects Of Baseball On The National Pastime

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For over 100 years, baseball has been known as America’s national pastime. It can be a lot of fun but also extremely challenging, especially when trying to close the door on a one-run ballgame. I am a very devoted baseball player myself; over the years I have learned numerous key things about the game. Baseball does not only require physical strength to hit and throw the ball, but it also requires a great mindset that includes mental preparation, concentration, a positive attitude, and observing the opponent.
Mental preparation separates the average players from the great ones, so it is key a player is mentally prepared. In between pitches, it allows players time to regroup themselves and think of all the situations that could arise, but during the play, everything happens so fast it is all instinct. Mental confidence plays a critical role in being mentally prepared. When a player is down on himself, it is extremely hard to raise his confidence back up, and most of the time he cannot. Mental preparation and experience are very important when it comes to playing under pressure, for baseball is a game of handling pressure. A pitcher plays under the most pressure, for the game rides on his shoulders to consistently pitch strikes under any situation. Mental preparation helps while playing under pressure, but experience is the only way to overcome it. Nothing is more nerve racking than being the pitcher with bases loaded two outs and the tying or winning run is ninety feet away.…

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