Essay on The Effects Of Anxiety And Its Effects On Children

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As teens are entering into adulthood, they are faced with many changes. Between trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do with their life, these individuals are more prone, than others, for encountering problems with anxiety. According to national Clark poll, 56% of teens going into adulthood stated that they suffer from anxiety (Arnett, 2014). Upon entering the stage of becoming an adult, these teens are presented with the challenges of figuring out who they are, the different possibilities with becoming an adult, and understanding what it is like to be an adult (Arnett, 2015). With these changes comes more independence and instabilities (Arnett, 2015). Individuals who are not able to adapt to these challenges may suffer from anxiety, due to fear of failing these new responsibilities. This feeling often times affects the way they perceive and interact in their day to day life. Over time, it can even affect their mental and physical health. Therefore, it is important to understand the effects of anxiety and to seek support.

Cognitive Domain
More times than not, anxiety has been found to affect individuals cognitively. Their fear and worries often takes over their head and distort how they perceive the world. With many things changing during emerging adulthood, young adults may find themselves stuck in a constant cycle of anxiety and cognitive distortion. Wilson, Bushnell, Rickwood, Caputi, and Thomas (2011) were interested in the relationship between these…

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