Essay about The Effects Of Animal Populations On Humans

1472 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
From the dawn of the dinosaur to modern day times, animals have been going extinct since their conception on Earth billions of years ago. With the ever overwhelming threat of climate change, many things in nature are at risk for becoming nonexistent. The phrase climate change possess a number of factors that contribute to environmental changes. “For climate change, relevant variables include temperature, precipitation and related variables, as well as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, which exert important direct effects on organisms in both terrestrial and marine environments“ (Hannah 143). Over the past century, Earth’s average temperature has risen about one degree… temperatures may rise by an additional two to ten degrees by the end of the century” (Than n.p.). Humans primarily focus on how these changes will affect man kind, without considering the catastrophic damages that other species will endure. Animal populations have experienced a decline and a number of other adverse affects from a changing climate. Focusing on the detriments to all members of the ecosystem, and looking at the earth from a biocentric viewpoint, humans can feel motivated to help all living things. This paper will describe how changing temperatures will cause animals to migrate into new habitats and how this migration affects the invasive and native species. I will also discuss how scientists may be able to predict how animals’ behaviors, appearances, and likelihood of survival will…

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