The Effects Of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Essay

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Alcohol use during pregnancy is a major public health concern and the focus of widespread media concentration (2). Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to negative effects on the baby. Consuming alcohol while pregnant can lead to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (F.A.S.D.) and fetal alcohol syndrome (F.A.S.). Researchers Kenneth Lyon Jones and David W. Smith first came across F.A.S. in 1973 (2). This discovery led to widespread public awareness and education, informing women to limit the amount of alcohol they consume while pregnant (2). Within the next twenty-three years, a range of other conditions such as alcohol-related birth disorder and alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder were associated with alcohol use during pregnancy were identified (2). Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona warns that women who may become or are pregnant should refrain from alcohol to eliminate the chance of giving birth to a baby with the harmful effects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (1). Alcoholism in women is more serious because women are harder to treat and stay sober for only brief periods of time (5). However, they are more likely to seek help and do so at an earlier stage than men. More medical complications from alcohol are experienced after fewer years for women (5). As they drink more over days, months and years, they gradually need to drink more to create the same effects (4). Alcohol is often referred to as a ‘depressant’ drug that first depresses the higher…

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