Essay about The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Environment

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I have reviewed some scholarly articles on health effects of air pollution in China, and these articles have obtained vital information relating to these issues. In China, the air quality has been a major concern for many of the people. This essay will focus on three components: sources contributed to air pollution, the potential hazard and recovery. China’s economy has a tremendous impact on the environment, as the Chinese population increases, the country in demand for resources. People are beginning to see the impact that pollution has on the environment. Chinese families on average work long periods, after a long week of work, people want to spend the weekend out in the park with their family. Unfortunately, the problem is that people are not able to do so due to the heavy smog. One could have all the money in the world, but if they’re not able to enjoy themselves then it can take a toll on that individual well-being. First, I will discuss the impact that the pollution has on the people.
The pollution not only affect people, but also the planet. The pollution creates smog or fog which blocks out the sun. Some days the people can go on without seeing the sun due to the pollution. The reason for mentioning the sun is that some people may get seasonal effects if they do not see sunlight, which can have an impact on that individual health or even behaviors. According, to Guo-Zhen, there have been an increase concerns about the effects of environmental risk factors of…

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