Air Pollution: The Enemy Of The Man And The Baths

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The enemy of the people focuses on the relationship between dr stockman and his brother there conflict , however a more important issue of the pollution of the baths seems to take a back ground position. Just as in the play today 's society debate and unimaginably deny climate change , we deny the effects of humans and or negative impact on the planet, we are a destructive force of nature because we do not work as a group or one global conscience that regulates or waste and works to being more efficient at preserving our environment . as nations different laws are put in place and the inconsistent protection of the environment creates a domino effect that cancels out what other nations try to do to preserve the environment. I believe the the …show more content…
Pollution can occur from natural causes or from human activities”(Air pollution). Air pollution is damaging the environment and is immediately dangerous to humans as well as indirectly creating a unhabitable atmosphere on earth. “Over 160 million tons of pollution are still emitted into the air each year. One hundred and twenty one million people live in areas of the country that violate at least one of the six health-based NAAQS, not to mention the many millions of people who are exposed to toxic air pollutants that cause cancer and other health problems”(.Williams). Concern over air pollution, climate change, and other forms of environmental damage are not confined to the United States. In China, the land of many factories, numerous health problems have occurred due to air pollution. For more than a decade, The chinese people have claimed to suffer from health problems, including rashes, respiratory problems and even cancers. Also, air pollution causes a great deal of damage to the environment and property(see fig, 2). There are many steps we can take to reduce air pollution. Generally, it 's important to conserve energy because sources of energy like electricity, diesel, gasoline, and wood would contribute to air pollution and water pollution. Rather than driving a car or riding a motorcycle, you can ride a bicycle or walk to where you need to go. Closer to home electric powered garden equipment should be used instead of gas, as well as the burning of trash, leaves, and other materials. It 's also a good idea to perform regular car maintenance and engine tune ups, making a point to replace the car 's air filter and oil on a regular basis. If everyone changes their mindset that what they do as an individual does not have a major impact on the environment and do the small things to reduce air pollution, the environment would benefit

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