The Effects Of Air Pollution On China Essay

1401 Words Nov 30th, 2014 6 Pages
Since the 13th century to present day, the world has been suffering from pollution. Scientist have known about the Earth’s pollution issues for centuries, especially when coal was introduced. Air pollution is one of the worst forms of pollution. Scientists recognize air pollution as a threat to human health and ecosystems, especially in countries such as China. China is a country falling under the consequences of air pollution. Air pollution in China has become very out of control. There are many factors that contribute to China’s pollution crisis such as coal, factories, and cars. China 's economic growth has been accompanied by an expansion of the urban area population and the emergence of a number of mega cities since the 1900’s. This expansion has resulted in tremendous increases in energy consumption, emissions of air pollutants and the number of poor air quality days in mega cities and their immediate vicinities, according to Chak Chan (Peer-Reviewed). The pollution crisis in China has become so devastating that many people call it, the airpocalypse. China’s industrialization may have created economic opportunities and introduced China to the world economy. But, industrialization also introduced China to air pollution, which has been wreaking havoc upon the country. What are the implications of China’s air pollution issue? Coal and factories are a major factor in China’s economy. China and its citizens saw many economical advances and benefits from coal, but the…

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