The Importance Of Air Pollution Level In London

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1 Introduction

Air pollution is one of the primary environmental hazards to the health of citizens across the world. If countries focus on controlling and decreasing the level of air pollution they can rapidly minimize the risk of various deadly diseases like cardiovascular diseases, various types of cancer, acute and chronic respiratory problems like pneumonia, asthma etc. over short and long-time period. According to the World Health Organization(WHO) in the year 2014, around more than ninety percent of the population on the planet resided in locations where the guidelines of the air quality as prescribed by WHO were not adhered [1]. Besides, air pollution lead to around three million premature deaths worldwide in the year 2012. Around eighty-eight percent of the lives were lost in developing nations in the Western Pacific and South East Asian nations [1].

The Guardian news report, published in July 2015 claimed that researchers showed that in London alone, around nine thousand five hundred people lose their lives on a yearly basis because of long-term exposure
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By considering the current pollution level in London, predict the future levels of various pollutants and identify the measures that will help in cutting down specific pollutant concentration. The various related questions that would be acknowledged by this research are mentioned pointwise in this paragraph. One of the related question here would be to determine how many educational institutions including schools and colleges in London are under the risk of average concentration of NO2 exceeding the limit defined by European Union(EU) and WHO. Four different modeled datasets are used in this research out of which three have been downloaded from London data store and the fourth dataset source is unknown as of now. The objective of the research would be to answer questions

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