The Effects Of Advertising On Young People And Their Future Drinking Behavior

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Mass media advertising has a significant influence on people in today’s society, including the younger generation. As advertising is displayed all around us, which can influence the decisions make in what they are interested in and/ or purchase. This can be related to the sale of alcoholic beverages through advertising strategies, which would have an effect on young people and their future drinking behaviour. Alcohol promotion through advertising can be achieved through strategies of brand awareness and persuasive techniques. As well as the impacts of media literacy on younger people who are more vulnerable towards the advertising. There could have a negative health effects on the younger generations which could be due to mass media advertising of alcohol that aim to persuade rather than educate.

Advertising has become a part of the cultural norms, in a sense that it is displayed all around society on several media forms. From billboards, magazines, television and online sites, this makes commercialised advertising unavoidable to most and can have an effect on its viewers. According to Lee, Choi, Quilliam and Cole the main goal of advisers is to present their product in a positive light whilst persuading, influencing, and entertaining, as well as educating its viewers (Lee, Choi, Quilliam & Cole, 2009). This emphasises the impacts of advertising on an audience, as it has some effect on the viewer to the point that the product becomes desired or recognisable. There is an…

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