The Effect of the Social Networking Site Facebook to the Academic Performance of the Students Under the College of Business and Accountancy

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I extend my sincerest gratitude to Professor Ms. Adajar for her constant support, guidance and motivation, who helped me with the revisions I made and increase the idea that I must do with this research.
I also like to thank my most beloved family who understand the need to finish this research, just always remember that you are always loved. And lastly to my unseen co-author who always guides me and never leaves my side.
In completing this project, the project provided us with an opportunity to understand the fundamentals of research methods in a better manner and apply them in everyday life. The insistence on taking up a socially relevant topic like the use of Facebook helped me to understand if the said topic really
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This emergent phenomenon aroused us to look into social networking sites and why they affect fellow students‟ academic performances.

The target population for this research are the students under the College of Business and Accountancy which includes students taking up BS Accountancy, BS Business administration – Managerial Accounting and lastly BS Business Administration – Entrepreneurial Management that are currently enrolled in First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities.

Statement of the problem
The research aims to answer the following:
 What is Facebook? What is its history and its advantages and disadvantages?
 Does facebook really affects the academic performance of the students under the College of Business and Accountancy?
 Is there many students who are addicted to facebook?

Significance of the study
This study aims to explain the importance of the proper usage of Facebook.
These sites evidently have a lot of positive effects, but their also have their share of negative impact. In order to provide much help, this study would like to give enlightenment to the said phenomena. I would like to provide, through this term paper, information about the impact of these sites to the Business students that would hopefully lead to a realization of their own standing in terms of Facebook addiction. Lastly, I would like to

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