The Effect Of Photography On Our Lives Essay

1059 Words Mar 25th, 2016 null Page
A picture says a thousand words. Photography keeps memories alive and prosperous because it freezes a scene that lasts forever. Many people have cameras just for that reason. When you take a photo, you capture not only the scene, you capture the feeling and emotion. Some people like photography as a hobby because it is very relaxing and euphoric. Photographs are used to convey messages without having to say a single word. That is how strong a single photograph can be. Photography is a beautiful skill that can document events, natural scenery, and can be used for artistic projects.
First, one of the many reasons about the importance of photography is the fact that it slows down the rapid pace of life. Every day there is something worth remembering whether it be an event that occurred or a first time meeting a valuable friend. Whatever the case, a picture can bring back all the feeling that you had during that one moment. A picture enables you to find emotion in everyday lives. When you take a picture you document a little clip of the past so that you or others can look back on.
In present times, people tend to document a lot more than they used to because a picture doesn’t obscure the realness of a situation or event. People in magazines use photography to send a bolder message when writing about their articles. They use pictures to show truth and meaning behind what they are writing about. Words can be used to intensify a subject but with pictures, it truly shows depth and…

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