The Effect Of Kinetic Energy On Human Life Essay

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According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy can 't be created or destroyed. All energy types can only be transformed or transferred. There are serval forms of energy that exist which benefit us in everyday life. Some energy’s however are more efficient than others in the way they use their energy to either transfer it or transform it into another useful energy. An object can possess more than one type of energy, some energy’s cause and affect others. For example, if someone what’s rubbing their hands together; the movement would produce kinetic energy. However, the vibrations would produce thermal energy.
Kinetic energy occurs when an object possess movement or motion. Kinetic energy is measured in joules. Any object whether it is big or small; has kinetic energy. However, some objects have more kinetic energy than others depending on the mass of the object. The idea of kinetic energy also expresses how much work is forced upon the object. For example, if you throw a ball, the amount of kinetic energy it possesses depends on how much force you provide the object; resulting in the ball moving slow or fast. Kinetic energy is produced by other forces such as; gravitational, it is also transfers some of its energy into other energy’s.
For example, in the diagram it shows the pendulum swinging from side to side, transferring kinetic energy to gravitational potential energy. As it is moving, gravitational force is pulling it in the opposite direction. As it reaches…

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