Essay on The Effect Of Industrialization On The Progressive Era

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As for this time period they had so many issues and without the Political powers we would still be in those issues. With people like Theodore, Woodrow and also Taft they brought about trust bust regulations that helped us in a time of need and also took care of some corruption but over all i 'd say that I would tend to agree with the actions but some I may not. We have many more problems that will be discussed on a later date for now id like to discuss the Political bosses, The effects that industrialization at the turn of the century had and also the statement provided above on the progressive era.

My position on this statement would be the factoring on how it is presented to the bad situations. So in a way i would say that it was the right thing to do and in some ways i 'd say that it is bad because it hurt a lot of people. That said the progressive’s political sides leaders were Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft and also Woodrow Wilson. With these 3 being leaders they could do powerful things that would regulate business, Monopolies, and also limiting banks and other things. Roosevelt made the Federal Reserve System. They imposed income tax with the 16th amendment also the direct elections of the Senators with the 17th amendment and even more then that they did women 's suffrage with the 19th amendment. Muckrakers exposed all the corruption that was in the national and also the local politics. Upton sinclair wrote The jungle to help with buyer beware. With the Gospel…

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