Progressives: The Progressive Movement

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Module 3 Discussion

Why were so many different Americans willing to embrace a new role for the federal government during this time?

The Progressive movement changed many Americans and the idea of the federal government having power over the people. In reading the chapters, video and articles, my perception of the Progressives is that they were interested in having what they called “good government.” By having this reform implemented of a good government, the Progressives would create a type of government that would be honest and efficient for all the people in the country. Also, the role for this type of government would be more effective and efficient at mandating new laws and regulations, rather than the markets controlling and dictating
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They believed powerful corporations and big businesses were a threat and needed to have regulations. The Progressives, unlike the conservatives, disagreed for big business to have complete control over the U. S. economy and its markets. Their notions was to have a new urban economic system that would have regulate many aspects of the economy, limited support for labor unions, create the meat inspection act and the pure food and drug act, established in 1906 by president Theodore Roosevelt. Naturalization of corporations and government regulations to keeping capitalism intact were critical factors facing the nation. I realize after reading the chapters why President Roosevelt decided during his presidency, to become a leader to Progressive economic reforms. By Roosevelt’s Administration attacking bad trusts (companies engaging in unfair competition and practices), he felt these companies should be dismantled or broken apart. By doing this, he gained reputation and was known for trust busting big businesses. In 1912, Roosevelt passed the “New Nationalism” policy which created in expanding government usage for the public interest for all Americans. Having government control, interventions and regulations were reasons why it was a good idea for Progressives and others to want the federal government to get involved with these big …show more content…
These laws were passed by the Progressives, because they wanted to protect consumers from contamination. A man by the name of Upton Sinclair, who wrote a book called “The Jungle,” got many people’s attention from his investigation to the meatpacking industry. Contamination and handling of beef was a huge problem and Sinclair exposed this with his book to the public. This drastically hurt the meat industry, drawing the attention of changes that needed to be made by passing the two acts which I mentioned. I found it interesting how President Roosevelt took Sinclair’s claims seriously and how his administration took drastic measures to regulating the meatpacking industry. The industry supported these measures by President Roosevelt and his regulations, so it could turnaround and change its reputation and have profitable sales. Without these new regulations, illegal and mislabeled products would continue to pose a serious

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