The Effect Of Indoor Soil On The Environment Essay

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Introduction Not only is the human body colonized with a large variety of microorganisms, the environment people live in is also filled with countless bacteria and other microorganisms, which are known as environmental microbes. More importantly, since people spend the majority of their lifetime in indoor environments such as schools, houses, and hospitals, the indoor surface microbes hence play a crucial role in human health. Scientists have discovered that indoor microorganisms are associated with the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and other diseases which pose a significant threat to humans (Godish, 2001). One approach to investigate the indoor microorganisms is to study the abundance of microbes on a surface. Abundance is measured as the number of microbes colonizing on a particular surface. Investigation of surface areas that have a low abundance of microbes is useful for identifying factors that inhibit the growth of microbes. In the future experiment, certain drugs or therapies can be developed to inhibit the colonization or growth of harmful surface microbes in the building. In this experiment, the focus of indoor surface microorganisms is bacteria. According to the fact that the most common bacteria, mesophiles, grow optimally in temperatures from 25 °C to 40 °C (Eddleman, 1998), cold surface areas such as the surface inside the refrigerator will hence have a very low abundance or colonization of bacteria because most bacteria do not prefer living in cold surface…

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