Essay about The Educational System Of Cambodia Town

782 Words Nov 9th, 2016 4 Pages
The major issues I see in the educational system in Cambodia Town is insufficient resources; personnel, financial, academic, and extra-curricular. It is quite obvious that they are a minority group, which explains the neglect and unequal attention they are getting from the government.
It seemed like they lacked the needed teachers (quantity and quality wise), who not only have the expertise, but the passion, patience, and understanding to teach and mentor the kids. For every country on Earth, you could draw little circles to say these are places where good teachers won 't go and to add to that, those are the places where trouble comes from. So, the problem is good teachers don 't want to go to places where they are needed the most. In the video, the only person from the school I could see showing any concern for Maria and trying to ensure she graduated was the school counselor; it just seemed that they did not have enough staff or at least not enough that cared. I think with the right amount of well-trained and passionate teachers and staff, the drop-out rate would reduce.
Also, it was apparent that there was some sort of disconnect between the younger and the older generation. Most of the kids were either born in the United States or emigrated at a very tender age and so only heard of the terrors and trauma their parents and grandparents experienced. They did not really understand or connect with their parents both, emotionally, psychologically, and even in communication,…

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