The Education System Of The World War II Essay

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Even though understanding who you are is very important, Educational institutes are less concerned with a "true" education because they are more concerned with helping students “Find Themselves” and their “feelings”. This takes focus off the important aspects of education and it also creates a student who cannot deal with life.
First, education institutes have become so disconnected with what a real education is that it will impact students for many generations. We as a nation are more concerned about what celebrity is having a baby then the importance of the Battle of Midway during World War II. As Michael Moore stated “Our kids have fallen behind the Germans, The Japanese, and just about every other country with running water and an economy not based on the sale of chiclets” (Colombo, Cullen, and Lisle 131). We need to go back to the way education use to be. The education system of the past created a very intelligent population that even put a man on the moon. We as a nation need to be concerned that our children are receiving the proper education or we will slowly lose our place among the stars.
Additionally, education institutes are more concerned with helping students “Find Themselves” and their “feelings”. Due to my unique aspect with attending school at 30 years old I have seen a very drastic change. When I was in high school you had a paper due about a topic and that’s it. You research it, write it, turn it in and hope that you received a good grade. Now…

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