Essay The Education System Of The United States

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The study of the education system in the United States is very important to many sociologists. This is because many people, including children spend most of their days in the education process trying to excel in higher education (Burns, 182). The education stratification is organized into two main groups, which are functional and conflict theoretical perspectives (Burns, 182). Education serves several function in a society such as, promoting societal integration which refers to secondary socialization. The second concept is providing people in society with the necessary skills to be productive members of the economy through human capital (Burns, 182). The earliest school that were created were charter from the state. The main purpose of a charter was its legal justification for existence (Burns, 182). The role of social function is to have society as a whole be in line with a certain number of parts that are gathered together in a system of total interdependence (Burns, A29). The role of social conflict is to be able to resolve a conflict between two different societies. Since the education system has both functional and conflict theories, many of the topics will be addressed in the paper. Education stratification is highly influenced by the culture in which one lives in. Children from all around the world want to have an education to be able to get a job in years to come. Education that students receive develop a system of norms, values and beliefs allowing them to…

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