The Education System Is Not A Driver Of Social Policies Essay

1177 Words Aug 18th, 2015 null Page
The education system has always been a driver of social policies. Its primary purpose is to develop each individual passing through the system to their fullest potential, imparting the knowledge of social norms and values as well as preparing a work force that is able to contribute to the economy. In recent years we have seen the education system dealing with much more than education and social norms. For some time now the extent to which the education system is failing black boys has been a topic of debate in various government departments and the media. It was shown in a parliamentary documentation that 44.9% of black Caribbean pupils achieve A*-C Grade’s in comparison to the national figure of 57.3%. This finding remains consistent. The revelations of this finding will come as no surprise to many, but the surprise maybe the knock on effect of low attainment, lack of motivation and other environmental factors, such as money, designer cloths and an overall better standard of living has had an impact on the lives of young people. Consequently, this raise the question of “are black boys choosing to decline education for instant gratification”? It may be the case that the above mentioned may have contributed to School having to deal with young people carrying weapons and with the rise and aftermath of violent crimes which has not only impacted on their peers but has affected professionals in the line of their duty with the fatal stabbing of a head teacher, Stephen…

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