The Education Of The Public School System Essays

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One of the first things that become evident when researching the previous philosophers was the fact that each of them believed education should be for the benefit of their respective society, to make its citizens acculturated, knowledgeable members of their respective communities. The sole reason we have a public school system is because our society highly values education and what it does for the culture and its people. The arts have the ability to preserve and pass on specific things about a culture and its people with relative ease compared to other subjects within the educational curriculum. In this day and age, music education is constantly being challenged to prove its worth to the ever growing educational machine we call the public education system. But what most do not consider is that, “music is a comprehensive art,” with students that study music gaining experience in other areas of the curriculum including math, science, social studies, foreign languages, and physical education. Since music as an art form is just as old as civilization itself it is almost impossible to say that an education in the arts would not be beneficial not only to the individual but to the culture and society as well. (MENC 1993/94)
An education in the arts is a major contribution to the development of a person within society. Because music is so widely available and can be engaged in at almost any point in time, in addition to the fact that it is a powerful trigger for many different…

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