The Education Of Little Tree Essay examples

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The Education of Little Tree; A Book Review

The book “The Education of Little Tree”, by Forrest Carter, highlights the invasion of and mistreatment inflicted upon Native Americans, specifically the Cherokee tribe. The book is set in the 1930’s depression era, and begins by telling the story of Forrest and his life with his grandparents, due to the passing of his parents. One day, as Forrest rode the bus with his “granpa and granma” as he called them, an example of racial discourtesy arose. The bus driver, whom being white, began to jeer at the family for holding up the line, “ “Where’s your tickets?” The bus driver said real loud, and everyone in the bus set up to notice us.” (Carter,2) “ -The bus driver turned around to the crowd in the bus and lifted his right hand and said “ How!” and laughed and all the other people laughed.” (Carter,2) The bus driver is an example of how the Cherokee were mistreated, mocked and laughed at due to the stereotypical assumptions that the Native Americans were uneducated and unintelligent. These examples continue to arise throughout the book, for example: Forrest and his granpa were walking along the road when a woman in a nice car, filled with a few passengers, stopped next to them. She rolled down her window as the car stopped and she asked for directions. As Granpa started to reply, telling her to go West, instead of her current direction, East, an angry grimace appeared on her face, “ What are you, a couple of…

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