The Education Act ( 1872 ) Essay

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Education was founded with the introduction of The Education Act (1872) and was the beginning of the modern education system we have today. Education in 1872 focused on the higher class in Society but in 1965 it all changed for the better and attempts were made to provide adequate standards for all children. Scottish education has drastically changed for the best and is now focused on providing the appropriate attributes needed for life in the 21st Century. (Education Scotland, 2012) There are still high numbers of inequality in Scotland and statistics show many people leaving secondary school with minimal or no qualifications. The Scottish Government hoped by introducing the Curriculum for Excellence and Pre-Birth to three Curriculum they would tackle these issues by offering breadth of vision and commitment to both high standards and social inclusion. (Education Scotland, 2012) It outlines delivery steps for professionals to follow in order for the children to achieve and succeed in education. (Education Scotland, 2012) There are benchmarks within the curriculum that sets out clear statements about what learners need to know and are able to achieve. (Education Scotland, 2016) In order to provide and meet these requirements teachers, practitioners and all other pedagogy professionals must be qualified to a high standards and be very aware of the curriculum and all other guidelines, frameworks and policies which provides the best for our children through…

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