Essay on The Ecosystem of the Rainforest

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The Ecosystem of the Rainforest
An ecosystem is a relationship among the living and non-living organisms in a designated area and the environment in which they interact with. It includes plants, trees, animals, water, and soil. The rainforest ecosystem includes a variety of species, plants, and animals. All living organisms in this ecosystem physically adapt to the rain.
The climate in the rainforest is very humid due the amount of rainfall. A tropical rainforest is very hot and wet; this type of climate is hit directly by the sun because of its location near the equator. The closer you are to the equator the solar radiation there is. The average temperature reaches about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This climates temperature remains
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This is also commonly referred to as entropy.” (WikiAnswers n.d.) The rainforest have energy all around it, Energy flows in different ways, most energy comes from animals and trees in the rainforest. It is said that earthworms are a very important part of the energy flow on the bottom layer of the rainforest. Other animals play a big part two if a tree dies in the rainforest the animals will go and look for a different source of energy in order to keep the cycle alive. The greatest threat to the rainforest energy is something that’s called “deforestation.” Deforestation affects the energy flow in the rainforest by having the trees and planes cut down, because without trees and planes the animals will start to die and the rainforest will not get the energy it needs in order to grow and realize more energy.
Matter is transported many different ways in the rainforest, especially depending on where the rain forest is located. For example, sulfur dioxide is transported through the air and deposited into the rainforest if there is a volcano near the area. Volcanos also release carbon dioxide which can be deposited into the rainforest once the volcano erupts. (Global Biogeochemical Cycles, n.d) Matter is also transported through the water cycle within the rainforest, whether it is form evaporation, condensation or precipitation. Matter such as carbons can get in the water stream and turn into condensation in the rain forest.

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