The Economics Ofu.s Immigration Policy Essay

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In Pia Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny’s academic journal article, “The Economics of U.S Immigration Policy,” Orrenius and Zavodny state that Americans’ outlook on immigration vary from those who believe immigrants (legal and illegal) positively impact the economy and those who believe immigrants negatively impact the economy. Pia Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny’s argue that the United States needs to implement an “immigration policy that addresses the concerns” about low-skill, unauthorized “immigration’s labor market and fiscal impacts” (954). The article may appeal to experts or those who have a higher interest in immigration due to the diction and the genre of the article, an academic journal, while discussing the public concerns with immigration, how immigration impacts the economy, and immigration related legislation. Although ethos is considered one of the strongest rhetorical appeals due to Orrenius, an Assistant Vice President and Senior Economist, and Zavodny’s, a Professor of Economics, expertise in the field of economics.
The success of this argument also lies with Orrenius and Zavodny’s timing of the publication even though there is little to no emotional appeal. While reading this article, many would say that this article lacks an emotional appeal and Orrenius and Zavodny would probably agree. Although the article lacks emotion, the article still successfully gets its main argument across. The article isn’t intended to appeal to emotion rather it’s meant to…

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