Essay The Economic System Of A Free Country

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Entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone to starts their own business or puts their idea into action with a risk to their own financial good ( According to the Merriam- Webster dictionary an entrepreneur is someone who creates, manages, and finances a business to make a profit.
Winston Churchill. He was the Prime Minister of Britain during World War Two( He was also part of “The Big 3” which also included Roosevelt and Stalin, they were allies in WWII and work to bring peace back (Beloff).
REVIEW OF LITERATURE Capitalism is the result of a free country; America is free, so it is capitalist. According to, Capitalism is the economic system where individuals are in control of their wealth. It is also a system of classes, first, middle, and poverty level; each individual had the choice to work or not, which creates their own wealth. Another good thing about Capitalism is that it promotes productivity. It does this by cause and effect; for instance, during a war America works together to create products to help our soldiers win the war. It could be food, bullets, missiles, guns, or even tobacco. As cooperate business they can choose what they do to help throughout the war, without the government commanding them, and owning them altogether, like it would in socialism. Steven Horwits stated that capitalism is good for the poor. He backs up his argument by bringing forth historical evidence and…

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