The Earth 's Life On Earth Essay

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In the time where there were only millions of stars and one creator. The Creator decided to flourish planet Earth. Earth was born and He thought how little light this planet has, so he created Aadhavan, or the Sun.
Aadhavan lived in the sky and looked down over the planet. He took care of Earth, Aadhavan was a bright, glistening young man who loved Earth very much. He brought flowers, berries, trees, even life to Earth. As life on Earth grew more and more, people began to love Aadhavan and cherish him, they wrote melodies about him as well. The planet was very luminous, which eventually lead the people to need rest. So then the maker created Luna, or the Moon who lived in the sky. Luna only ever came out when Aadhavan went away. She would only let the people see her face when she came out every night. They thought of her as lovely and mysterious. Soon after the people who lived on Earth began to worship her as well. They wrote lyrics and chants about Luna, but she didn’t think of herself as anything special. Aadhavan didn’t really pay attention to Luna, but he could not shut out the melodies that people would sing about her during the day. He carefully memorized every word to every single song about how stunning Luna was. The Sun dazzled in the sky as happily as he could, and it made him smile that people loved him as well. As the night came and Aadhavan went to the other side of the planet, Luna would come out. She would listen in fascination as the people would tell…

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