Summary Of Titus Livius The Early History Of Rome

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Titus Livius, The Early History of Rome, 2002, described early Rome from its foundation. The narrative is filled with mythology that the reader must use critical thinking in the formulation of what is myth and what is fact. The reader must also approach the book as having been written by Livy who was a fanatically loyal Roman who believed that Rome was the best model of a people, city, government, and nation. Throughout the narrative, Livy described numerous women who had key roles in The Early History of Rome. The tragedies of these women brought about change. Their myths are foundations of Rome and establish them as the “Mothers of Rome.” Rhea Silvia is a mother of Rome because she gave birth to twin boys, Romulus and Remus, who would …show more content…
The battle would be settled leaving both armies at strength to keep the Etruscans at bay. The winner of the battle was Horatius of Rome. When he led the Romans back to the city he wore the cloak of one of the Curiatti whom his sister was engaged to marry. Horatia called her dead lover’s name. Horatius killed Horatia proclaiming, “So perish all Roman women who mourn for an enemy!” This action created a dilemma for the Romans. Their hero, Horatius, had killed a Roman. The Romans decided that Horatius had acted as his father would have and therefore was acquitted. As a means to satisfy the murder, a timber or yoke of submission was put above the roadway. The timber was called the Sister’s Beam. Horatius was forced to pass beneath it with his head covered. A tomb for Horatia was built on the spot where she was slain. Horatia is a mother of Rome as her death reinforced that Roman women must give their loyalty to Rome above all others. Lucretia, winner of the contest of womanly virtue, caused Sextus Tarquinius to lust for her. Sextus Tarquinius was the youngest son of the last king of Rome. His rape of Lucretia, who committed suicide in front of her father, husband, and Brutus, started a war against the king and his family. From this war the Roman Republic was born and ended the reign …show more content…
Claudius attempted to gain Verginia’s affections by seducing her with money and promises. When Claudius realized that Verginia’s high principles and modesty could not be penetrated, he devised her abduction during the absence of her father. Claudius numerous attempts to control the tribunal failed. Lucius Verginius, Verginia’s father, stabbed her in the heart. He killed her to protect her from the tyranny of Clausius. Verginia’s fate reminded the Plebeians of Lucretia. It started the Plebeian prosecution of Claudius, as they saw a loss of liberty to a tyrant. The senate in an attempt to restore order decided that the mutiny had been started by the Patrician aristocracy. During the negotiations, the rank of Military Tribune was created. Verginius was the first to be given the rank. Verginia is a mother of Rome because her tragedy created a change in Roman politics and military conduct. The “Mothers of Rome” all played key characters in the establishment and rise of Rome as a nation. If it were not for these women in the mythology of Rome, Rome would not have its foundation as a nation or a people. The “Mothers of Rome” are the myths that created traditions for all Romans. Those traditions are loyalty to Rome above all else and the rape of a virtuous Roman woman means the overthrow of a tyrant. Livy uses the roles of Roman women as models for Romans to live

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