Essay The Duty Of A Police Officer

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Police: persons whose responsibility is to enforce laws; usually the term used for the city or municipal officers, as opposed to county deputies (Peak, 2015). The duty of a police officer is to protect, serve and maintain order of the public. They are the ones to call for when there is an emergency or for a civil matter. Policing is a difficult job, it is physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Law enforcement officer are given a great amount of authority to make find solutions to problems and keep the community safe, while being unsupervised.
However, having too much authority can change a person, for the worse. So, that leaves room to wonder, who is maintaining the order of the police? Or preventing and detecting whether they are committing a crime and abusing their power? Like in any other profession, police officers tend to get away with unethical behavior. Hence, there should be more police accountability. There are many actions that police officers should be held accountable for, like: false arrests, negligence, off-duty activities, search and seizures, wrongful death suits and police pursuits, using excessive force, and corruption.
Police corruption is a worldwide issue, from North America to South America and Asia. Police corruption is a form of police misbehavior in which law enforcement officers break their social agreement and abuse their power for personal or departmental gain. There are three types of police corruption. The first one is absolute…

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