The Duality Of Human Beings Essay

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us cannot maintain the tenants of one’s idealism without God. Where there is evidence and faith in God, there is also a need for such a dependence.
Lancelot’s lack of moral fiber speaks of the spiritual nature of human beings. I have had a spiritual mountaintop experience and then come down the mountain to repeat the mistakes of the past, instantly becoming as forlorn as before. It is this internal lack that speaks of our ongoing battle between our desires boundaries. To obtain the Holy Grail, Lancelot renounces his affair with Gwenevere, asking the aid of Jesu for His strength and purity. As Lancelot comes down from the spiritual mountaintop of the sacred quest, his spiritual mindset disappears: “Sir Lancelot began to resort unto Queen Guinevere again and forgat the promise and the perfection that he made in his quest” (Malory 113).
The complexity of Lancelot shows us the duality of human beings, making him a well-rounded and believable character. Lancelot’s fragility shows it is our common brokenness that connect us to each other. Though Lancelot does love Arthur, he is torn by his love for Gwenevere, confirming the notion of the actor within us all. Malory describes this duality of appearances, “had not Sir Lancelot been in his privy thoughts and in his mind set inwardly to the queen as he was as seeming outward to God” (Malory 113). Though Arthur knows the affair is real, he challenges any knight who dares to speak of the affair, demonstrating the power of denial and…

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