The Drug Of Prescription Drugs Essay

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Program Description
The United States is currently undergoing a deadly epidemic, prescription pain killers are taking more lives than motor vehicle accidents, more than cocaine and heroin combined, they are creating an addiction that seems to be growing out of control and law and health officials do not know how to control it. Since 1990 drug overdose rates have tripled in the United States, accounting for nearly 15,000 deaths alone in 2008 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] , 2011). According to the CDC (2011) one hundred people die from overdose every day in the United States. In 2010 alone more than 2 million people used prescription opioids for no medical reasons (CDC, 2011). This is why congress and the United States government developed the Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP), to help fight drug overdoses. A PDMP is a state ran electronic database that is used to help track and monitor the prescribing and dispensing of prescription pain killers or opioids (CDC, 2011). The data they are monitoring is supposed to show if opioids are being abused by a patients or provider and is supposed to help providers identify high risk patients (CDC, 2011). The population target in this program is first the providers and pharmacists and then the patients they provide the opioids to (CDC, 2011). Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs is not your typical program that has a time line or deadline to meet, the ultimate goal is to have a fully…

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