Essay about The Drug Industry And Tobacco Industry

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In America obesity has become a growing issue to the extent that it is one of the most talked about issues in the United States alone. Another topic that is constantly talked about is the abuse and excessive use of tobacco and the health repercussions that arise. Over the past decade many American’s have taken a stance against tobacco, yet select few have taken a stance against the fast food industry. The trend between both the food industry and tobacco industry are strikingly similar even though they appear to have no direct relation. . The conflict within the United States is that fast food has become an addictive product to the point that it has become a new form of tobacco.
During the early nineteen thirties to the mid nineteen fifties, tobacco was advertised in popular culture as an acceptable recreation. Since it was so popular, the Tobacco industry would advocate their product in such a way that tobacco could solve any of your problems; from the forties to mid fifties cigarettes could help you relieve stress, catch a trophy size fish, even give a cowardly man courage to sweep the damsel off her feet. During this time health related issues that began to develop because of smoking were either being down played or were being used to sell more tobacco products. In the Nineteen Thirties the Lucky Strike Tobacco company began using this slogan “Luckies are less irritating” and “Your throat protection - against irritation - against cough” (Jeffrey K. Stine). Tobacco…

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