The Driving Force Behind America 's Success Is A Dream Essays

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The driving force behind America’s success is a dream. This dream began thousands of years ago when the very first Native Americans settled in the United States. The American Dream is defined as the ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity, traditionally held available to every American ( However, I believe the American Dream does not have a specific definition; rather multiple based on the individual 's choices that he/she makes in life. In the last century, the American Dream has changed drastically. Many Americans argue that the American Dream is no longer possible. Yet, I strongly believe this dream is attainable if Americans prioritize, receive an education and invest in their future.
America has built itself around status, which has created competition and fueled the consumerism crisis. Today, millions of Americans are drowning in debt as a result of their financial choices. When you put this burden into perspective it comes down to two decisions: what you need and what you want. However, the lake of personal debt that millions of Americans are swimming will be entirely erased if they simply prioritized. A simple example is a want for a new car, but the need to pay off a mortgage. If Americans identified their needs and wants they would use money more efficiently by understanding their priorities. For the American Dream is founded on choices; the choice to either be frugal and successful or ignorance which leads to failure.
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