The American Dream By Paul Krugman And Brandon King

The American Dream has many different views and meanings to it because it is something that people interpret it to be rather than it having a set meaning. The American Dream consists of hard work, which it always consisted of, but isn’t enough to satisfy people’s needs in life. People have to plan for the future, and improve the American Dream, which the government can do, but people have to take action. Brandon King describes how the American Dream is still alive and talks about his republican views in his famous text, “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold?” On the other hand, Paul Krugman describes how the American Dream is dead from inequality in his famous work, “Confronting Inequality.” However, they’re views aren’t fully opposite. …show more content…
Simply, they both agree on the fact that there is inequality in the world today, the economy is not stable, and the American Dream isn’t what it used to be. King and Krugman recognize that the inequality in America has drastically increased over the decades. King states, “…that wealth is concentrated into the hands of rich minority” (574). This is one of the biggest problems that is causing inequality because there will not be a equal part between the rich and the poor in this economy. Krugman holds a similar position on this issue by agreeing with King on how the rich minority shouldn’t have all control in the economy. Krugman’s similar position states, “’The lion share of economic growth in America over the past thirty years has gone to a small, wealth minority…the lack of clear economic progress for lower and middle income families is in itself an important reason to seek a more equal distribution of income’ (2007)” (King 574). Both King and Krugman want the government to pass policies to shorten or maybe even close the income gap. The economy is recovering at a very slow pace and there is inequality problem on how the rich and poor is divided. There is not enough distribution between lower and middle class income families, which may cause the economic progress to

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