Paul Sorrowman's: Degrees And Dollars By Paul Krugman

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Employment in America is a huge problem, and nowadays it takes more than just a degree to be employed. People with degrees may be qualified for the job; however, they don’t get the job because it does not exist. In Paul Krugman's essay “Degrees and Dollars” he articulates the notion of the middle-class being hollowed out. Their jobs have been replaced by technology, something that has been growing at an astonishing rate. Krugman’s essay serves as a guide to help fix these problems. He points out the flaws in the American government and how the rise of technology is the death of the middle-class.
In "Degrees and Dollars," Paul Krugman, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton and Nobel Peace Prize winner, talks about the
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In the circumstance that someone could pay less to get a job done they would do it. The middle-class is the primary candidate for this. Since high-class' jobs are very specialized and important, an average person could perform them. Also, low-class jobs are relatively cheap and consist mostly of manual labor. These types of jobs include janitors and delivery drivers, etc. Offshorable employment and the education system are both factors in the hole in the middle-class. Krugman's solution to this is bargaining, and there are more factors about a job than doing the work. Workers in America must give people a reason to hire them. A computer can do a ton of jobs, but they cannot be motivated and work hard towards specific goals. Nevertheless, there needs to be an incentive to hire a person over a computer or in a different country. Furthermore, hire someone in America rather than somewhere like China because even if the machines do not take the jobs, the employment rate in America will not get any better if Americans do not have the jobs. Overall Krugman alludes to the idea that cheaper isn't always better, and that a college degree has to be worth something. It should not be a ticket "to jobs that don’t exist or don’t pay middle-class wages” (Krugman …show more content…
I do agree with his perception of "offshorable jobs” (Krugman 2). These are jobs that could be done in other places for a lower price. Offshorable jobs are a problem because they take jobs out of America; however, the increase of jobs in America will come with some consequences. If America raises its standard of quality to combat offshorable employment, the price will go up. Bringing back jobs to America is so hard because no one wants to pay more when they can pay less. There is no easy way to fix this problem, but Krugman is one step in the right

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