The Dream Of Discovering A New World Essay

928 Words Nov 13th, 2014 4 Pages
Growing up in Panama made me realize why my mom sacrificed everything to bring my sister and I to the US. Being a single parent my worked as hard as two parents to make sure that one day we would have a greater opportunity. I still remember how i felt when my mom told us the good news about coming to the US. Our chance on coming to the US took so long that it made me forget the excitement on moving to another country. However when we began to sell the few pieces of furniture we had, the dream of discovering a new world reawaken inside me. In December of 2008 we came to a new world, if I may recall the snow was as white as milk and it had a smell of wonders that i couldn’t express in words. However before meeting such a wonderful place we had to experience the stress on exchanging airplanes. We had to stop by Arizona to go to another airplane but none of the people who worked in the Airport couldn’t help us because of our language so my sister took charge, as little english that she knew she lead the way to the right airplane. I imagined the US to be a perfect country were we earned money as twice as much and the people to be nice. However our first three years of experience gave us the knowledge that people who will do their best to make us suffer but there are a few that made us love this environment. For an example in my first year of Middle School I wasn’t as welcome because of my nationality. I was used to be bullied and fight because i wanted to be as…

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