The Dream Of A Forest Essay

1297 Words Aug 28th, 2015 6 Pages
When initially closing my eyes it was difficult to picture a forest, considering different scenarios began popping into my head. It was hard to put myself in the position where I actually felt like I no longer was in a classroom. In a matter of what felt like minutes, the vivid and still image of a forest finally came into place, and the very first thing I noticed was what appeared to be small glittering fairies fluttering around. At a closer examination I realized these fairies were actually light rays playing tricks on my eyes, and the bright forest was completely alone. High above me was a canopy made from the trees and even though the sun wasn’t visible, there was a level of comfort in knowing that the forest was sheltered by branches. The presence of the light coming in through the small gaps of leaves provided a well-lit area, and a hint of warmth on my arms. Everything was green, from the ground, to the leaves, and as well as the mold on the rocks. It was hard to believe that an area could look so peaceful, yet feel like too much to consume in a matter of a second. The forest had a mystical feel to it, and the branches that stretched high into the sky provided a remote environment to just appreciate life. The air is what made this area so magnificent; it had a fresh scent to it, almost like the area was never occupied by a human being. The first breath I took was a sharp one, but it’s the type of breath you take when you just finished swimming under water after a long…

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