The Dream By John Donne Essay

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In the poem “The Dream” by John Donne, it talks about the speaker having a happy dream about the person he’s in love with. The poem describes the speaker as a person who is madly in love. So in the dream, the speaker sees the woman and tries to woo her to come into bed with him by giving her compliments. But the woman pinpoint the right time of the pleasure in his dream, then uses this opportunity to wake him up. The narrator understands because he wants to be awake with the woman and promises her that they should continue the dream in reality at the end. With that being said, “The Dream” aims to make people realize that love cannot go without pain and fear.
First, the speaker starts off living in a dream which seems to be a happy one. While in it, he says “Dear Love, for nothing less than thee/Would I have broke up for this happy dream/It was a theme/For reason, much too strong for fantasy” (Lines 1-3). In these lines, it is possible to say that when the speaker said “much too strong for fantasy”, the dream must have been so strong he’d thought it was real. Judging from this, there is only question that need to be answered about this. The question is “What settting does the event takes place at? Since there’s sexual tension throughtout the poem, it’s possible that it could take place in any romantic setting like a bedroom Also there is another quote that might to connected this which says “Therefore thou wak’dst me wisely; yet/My dream thou brok’st not, but continued’st…

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