Essay about The Dream Act Has Not Been Without Critics

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The DREAM Act has not been without critics. Many critics think the DREAM Act will translate to amnesty for people who illegally enter this country (Rivera; Barron). Others claim it will increase crime or other illegal activities (Rivera; Mahoney; Barron; Kim), though there is not much compelling evidence for that claim (Perez). Many critics claim that the influx of immigrants will burden America’s economy as these illegal immigrants take advantage of public assistance (Mahoney; Barron). These individuals claim that the benefits provided by the DREAM Act to the illegal immigrants have negative effects on the country or otherwise overly favour the immigrants and their children. However, the purpose of this paper is to argue that the DREAM Act, while obviously benefitting the children of illegal immigrants, also benefits the United States in terms of economics, education, and security. As mentioned earlier, many critics claim that the DREAM Act represents a drain on America’s economy. Contrary to these critics, the DREAM Act in fact helps strength the American economy. One way in which it does this is by making the United States “more competitive in the global economy” (Miranda) by infusing the work force with skilled, competent, and often bi- or multi-lingual individuals. Furthermore, the DREAM Act can reduce the deficit and increase government revenues over the next several years (Miranda; Rivera; Mahoney). Not only do these immigrants already contribute to local economies…

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