Essay The Dream Act By Mark Krikorian

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The children of immigrant parents’ having dreams of becoming an American citizen, may not become a dream after all according to Mark Krikorian’s DREAM On review. The author uses logos to persuade the audience by giving examples to convey his issues and context in this article of about the 2010 Dream Act bill Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s passed in the House of Representatives legalizing illegal immigrants’ children before the age of 16 if they comply with certain requirements is not effective. Mark Krikorian, is executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, wrote a commentary in December 2010 for Republicans/Conservative news uses strong logos to persuade his audience in this article. The authors’ interpretation of the Dream Act age requirement differs from Pelosi’s and Reid’s bill, the author claims the Dream Act encourages massive fraud on filing for citizenship by immigrants by claiming work histories from picking watermelons from trees and cherries out of the ground, and finally the author claims the children who are legalized, their parents or relatives are put in limbo by only receiving green cards to work in the United States and eventually citizenship would be abolished for all legal-immigration for family members other than spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens.
The author’s interpretation of the age need involving the Dream Act is in favor of the Roman Catholic Church and the English Common Law, sets the age of reason at 7 combined with need of…

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