The Downfall Of Julius Caesar Essay

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Julius Caesar was a very ambitions man, a quality that contributed for him to become the most powerful man in those days, but it also was the reason of his assassination. He was ambitious of fame, fortune, power and control. Caesar was a man with high intelligence in politics and generalship; he was also a great orator and writer to such extend that he was called a genius.
The Caesar ambition of power began when he joins forces with Pompey and Lacinius which “they became the most powerful senators in Rome in 60 B.C” (Literature and its times: Joyce Moss and George Wilson). They would support each other’s goals, but when one of them is killed the alliance start to fail, and is Caesar who want to save it. Caesar’s willingness to solidify the relationship with Pompey is a clear sign that he wanted not so much control and power but fame and recognition from the people. It is Pompey the one who did not want to be allied to Caesar and so much was the dissatisfaction of Pompey that he ended marring into one of Caesar enemy’s family which gave Caesar the sign of war between them.
Caesar’s useful skills in politics and leadership gave him the victory in many wars, his fame increased when he returned to Rome after defeating Pompey becoming the only survivor of the three most powerful men in Rome. Such was the welcoming he received that the senate was continuously honoring him. With his triumphs grew his power to which the senate appointed him a dictator for ten years. But Caesar…

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