Essay about The Documentary Orgasm Inc, The Focal Issue

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n the documentary Orgasm Inc, the focal issue was the role of pharmaceutical companies’ overextension of involvement in the medical information around the issue their product was marketed to resolve. The original issue, prompting the documentary in the first place, was that a disorder was created out of nowhere and the results of the misleading studies created a national demand for an unnecessary – and worse, ineffective – drug. In effect, the pharmaceutical company noted the results of a survey measuring women’s sexual satisfaction in their lives. The study interpreted an extremely wide range of normal sexual behaviors (such as
“have you ever been unsatisfied during sex” and “have you ever been unable to reach orgasm during sex”) as being less than ideal, and thus classified any women who met any of the criteria as being disordered. They called the sickness Female Sexual Dysfunction, or FSD, and immediately began propagating the news of the widespread “disorder”, resulting in a hugely disproportionate group of women to believe they had this disorder, and any dissatisfaction in their sexual lives needed to be treated with drugs. The issue with the pharmaceutical company’s large extent of involvement in the creation and diagnosis of Female Sexual Disorder is that, as a benefactor in the event that the disorder was real due to their product’s inevitable popularity as a solution to it, is that they had no possible way to claim objectivity. If the pharmaceutical company controls…

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