The Documentary, Food Inc. Essay

1240 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
In the known documentary, Food Inc., there are several sides people can take. In todays society, people are either very aware of what they put into their mouth or they are not and they just do not care. America is all about capitalism, and it comes as no surprise to anyone that our food system is all about making a profit. Through this documentary there has been many social changes such as people not wanting to state their personal opinions on this topic, to these businesses being the creation of pollution, ending with people completely changing where they shop and buy their groceries. Food Inc. creates a movement in our society in a way that distresses all of our lives enormously from health issues, to water and air pollution, and certain human rights. Ultimately Food Inc. examines our society in a way that is more than just the food aspect of our society describes Robert Kenner; he mentions “its really about corporate consolidation and irresponsibility and about the relationship of these companies with government. Its not that different from what happened with the financial crisis. These companies have been totally irresponsible and at the end of the day, were the ones who pay the price.” This means that this process and all the farmers and companies and the modern industrialized agriculture field is so inefficient that they have had multiple mishaps, but consistently ignore what they are doing to our community. They are not only making an…

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