The Documentary Earth On Fire

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1. The documentary Earth on Fire that focuses on how mega-fires and fires effect forest and ecosystems in today’s world. The documentary primarily focuses on New Mexico and the southwest region of the United States along with areas in Australia. For starters I knew forest fires can be deadly to forest areas as far as harming the ecosystem and ruining soil but this documentary opened my eyes to the long term effects forest fires can have and introduced to me the term “mega-fire” which I was not familiar with.
There were countless interesting parts about this movie! Firstly, I never knew the term “mega-fire” existed I only knew of typical forest fires that happen out on the western side of the United States. Forest Ecologist from Tasmania,
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The most interesting story of a U.S mega-fire displayed in the documentary took place in New Mexico in 2011. This mega-fire was called the Las Conchas fire, and it demolished forestry in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. The mega-fire was said to have burned over 43,000 acres in just 14 hours, which is equivalent to one acre burned completely every second! This mega-fire completely destroyed the conifer trees. Dr. Craig Allen who has studied these forest for 30 plus years emotionally said “some of these individual trees are friends and the ecosystem basically changed overnight”. Continuing Dr. Craig Allen said “these conifer species of trees don’t get back on these sites.” Over time mega-fires in the state of New Mexico have gotten so out of control ecosystems don’t have time to regrow after being a victim nor can they develop and …show more content…
After watching this documentary all the stories and information surprised me completely because I knew nothing about or ever heard of the term “mega-fire”. I did know forest fires took place in the U.S in states like California, Arizona, and New Mexico simply from flipping through news channels. This documentary opened my eyes to just how powerful forest fires can be and how they affect the ecosystem and environment around us. What also shocked me as the documentary came on was the opening quote, “Earth is the only planet in our solar system that burns ... and there 's one main reason why. Plants.” I didn’t really put into perspective that Earth is the only planet that can burn but never would have guessed plants are the core reason. Along with the stories that interested me in the documentary, it was shocking to hear Dr. Nate McDowell predict conifer trees will not exist in 2050 because mega-fires are killing them off. After seeing exactly what conifer trees look like, I know they are heavily populated in forest areas and for an ecologist to assume they will be extinct in 35 years is astonishing after being around for hundreds of thousands of

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