The Documentary Earth On Fire Essay

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1. The documentary Earth on Fire that focuses on how mega-fires and fires effect forest and ecosystems in today’s world. The documentary primarily focuses on New Mexico and the southwest region of the United States along with areas in Australia. For starters I knew forest fires can be deadly to forest areas as far as harming the ecosystem and ruining soil but this documentary opened my eyes to the long term effects forest fires can have and introduced to me the term “mega-fire” which I was not familiar with.
There were countless interesting parts about this movie! Firstly, I never knew the term “mega-fire” existed I only knew of typical forest fires that happen out on the western side of the United States. Forest Ecologist from Tasmania, Australia stated that a mega-fire is equivalent to an atomic bomb because it can completely demolish ecosystems leaving forest landscapes ruined! I found very intriguing because never did I believe a fire can relate on any level to an atomic bomb. To give proof to just how catastrophic mega-fires can be, in 2010 a mega-fire took place near Lake Mackintosh in Tasmania, Australia. What made this mega-fire unique was it was ignited by lightning and then traveled across the lake by hopping from one dead tree to the next over water! Not only did this mega-fire cross water but it reached a rainforest and burned several thousand acres. Mark Horstman, a reporter for ABC Catalyst, stated this mega-fire crossed barriers scientist thought…

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