Essay on The Document Object Model

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Document Object Model

May 8, 2011
Van Hook

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an important part of creating animation and making web pages interactive. The Document Object Model is used with Dynamic HTML to help accomplish the interactive web pages that are used today. “Dynamic HTML(DHTML) refers to a combination of technologies that make Web pages dynamic…a combination of JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, and the Document Object Model” (Gosselin, 2008, pg. 485). The Document object Model is all the HTML that is displayed on a web page from the web browser. Each of the many elements contained in the web page are considered objects and can be controlled and changed by using JavaScript. The Document object Model gives you
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The body property will retrieve both the documents body and frameset elements. The cookie property will retrieve the current cookie string. The domain property will retrieve the domain name where the document is stored. The forms property will retrieve an array of all the forms included on the document. The images property retrieves an array of the images in the document. The links property retrieves all the links in the document. The referrer and the URL properties retrieve the URL of the document. The image object also contains several properties that can be used to control the image objects. These properties include align, alt, border, height, hspace, isMap, long Desc, name, src, useMap, vspace, and width properties. The align property can retrieve or set the alignment of the image with the text. The align property is assigned with the left, right, top, middle or bottom values. The alt property retrieves or sets the image’s alternate description. The border property is used to set of retrieve the border’s width. The height property controls the image’s height. The hspace property is used to set or retrieve the amount of horizontal space. The isMap property checks if an image is a server-side image map. The longDesc property can be used to set the image’s description. The name property will retrieve of set the image’s name. The src property will set or retrieve the image’s location. The useMap property sets or

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