The Doctrine Of Moral Relativism Essay

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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Morality is “a doctrine or system of moral conduct”(Merriam-Webster). Individuals are raised to understand societies’ social norms. Whether this is to be religious or not one is raised to learn right from wrong, from a young age. Societies standards teach us that every action has a repercussion, whether it is to be positive or negative. Although an individual learns societies standards, experiences also shape ones moral code. This moral code refers to the conduct in which one behaves emotionally and physically. One will then decide what is immoral and moral in their life based on their beliefs, upbringing, and experiences. With this information our world belongs to unique and different cultures and societies, each following different and similar moral codes.
The doctrine of Moral Relativism includes the belief that ethical standards of right and wrong are individual based; therefore, each standard is concerned with an individual’s choice. A moral relativist believes that an individual has the right to decide what is right for him or herself. For example with abortion, moral relativists would deem abortion permissible. A moral relativist believes in an individual’s choice, and whether or not he or she believes in abortion, it is an individual’s choice to decide. Although one can have an opinion, moral relativists do not believe that morality is absolute to all circumstances. Morality is situational and personal to ones experiences…

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